The tastiness of fish meets the culinary flair of the chef: let yourself be surprised by our seafood sandwiches, the original ones.



Let's do something different: let's make a fish fast food. We started out in a few square metres, in the historic centre of Polignano, looking out over the sea. Here we are, we are Pescaria: fishermen in the kitchen.

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Pescaria loves the environment

Pescaria is a Friend of the Sea

Pescaria is plastic free

Good and sustainable

From 2019 we have given up single-use plastic, becoming one of the first plastic-free fast food restaurants in Italy. This saves us around 7 tonnes of plastic per month in each single store. Water is also served in reusable aluminium bottles that you can take with you. We are also a Friend of The Sea certified business: together, we work every day to ensure a more sustainable fish supply chain and reduce our own environmental impact. We have also almost eliminated food waste (5%) thanks to optimised logistics and warehouse management.

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